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The Case for 普莱斯考特’s Tech Jobs Digital Revolution

There is an economic and labor crisis brewing in our beautiful city. Working together to attract tech companies to invest in high tech jobs here in our city, and investing in growing locally-based tech companies and jobs in our area, will help protect our future. At Center for the Future, that’s exactly what we’re doing! But first, let’s dive into the numbers…

普莱斯考特’s Labor Crisis

  • 普雷斯科特已经 35% fewer eligible workers than the national average. (Yavapai 2020 Economic Report)
  • 普莱斯考特 wages are 31% lower than the national average (Yavapai 2020 Economic Report)
  • 25% of workers in Yavapai County live at the 贫困线. (Economic Leaders)

普莱斯考特 Community’s “Brain Drain”

The “brain drain” is a phenomenon where the population from “rural” areas completing college education often leave the area for big cities in search of higher paying jobs. Often this is due to needing to pay back large student loans, and a lack of technical jobs in these areas. 事实上, 50%+ of 普莱斯考特’s population completing college education don’t return 对该地区 due to this phenomenon.

What Can Tech Jobs Do For Our Community?

  • 工作可持续性: In May 2020, 普莱斯考特’s unemployment rate was 8.5%, while the tech industry’s unemployment rate was only 2.3%. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • 1 .技术工作带来 $536K in economic impact 对该地区. (Yavapai 2019 Tech Job Report)
  • 2 Million tech occupation job openings in 2019. (CyberStates)
  • Median tech job wages are 89% higher than the national median. (CyberStates)
  • 我们的机会: Today, less than 1% of jobs in the 普莱斯考特 Area are high tech jobs. 让我们改变! (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The Digital Revolution is here, and cities like ours can and should participate rather than leaving untapped potential dying on the vine. Increasing high paying tech jobs in our community will encourage our workforce to further their education, 呆在这里, 这里的家庭成长, and contribute as a taxpayer to our local economy. If we don’t plan for our future, our community will face serious economic challenges in the near future.

我们的解决方案? The 普莱斯考特 Center for the Future, a mixed-use building serving as an attractor for retaining and creating technology jobs in Northern Arizona. By providing physical space and resources to further education, 提供指导, and provide access to funding, Center for the Future will not only support startups and early-stage tech companies, but also enable already profitable tech companies to relocate and/or invest in satellite offices and jobs in our community.

More than a building, the Center is a hub for innovation, 孵化, 吸引力, 增长, and retention of companies in key technology industries spanning cybersecurity, 航空航天, global security operations and services, web and media solutions, 软件, 4G and 5G networking, 无人驾驶飞机, medical and health technology and more.

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